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Martin Knight is a British author mainly associated with working class culture and football literature. In 1999 "Hoolifan" and "The Naughty Nineties" were released; both books dealing with the subject, culture and history of football hooliganism. Knight was co-author with Martin King whose hooligan memoirs form the core of the books. As partners, Knight and King produced "On the Cobbles" the story of Jimmy Stockin a renowned gypsy prize fighter, "Ossie - King of The Bridge" - the autobiography of Chelsea footballing legend Peter Osgood and "Grass" covering the exploits of major drug smuggler and Howard Marks cohort Phil Sparrowhawk.

In 2000 Knight produced his first novel "Common People" being a thinly disguised autobiography. In 2003 he collaborated with George Best on his final memoirs before his death, "Scoring At Half Time". In 2004 "The Real Mackay" was released being the autobiography of Spurs, Derby and Scotland football hard man Dave Mackay. During 2006 saw the launch of "Battersea Girl" a partly fictionalised account of Knight's grandmother and an autobiography of Chelsea, Dundee and Aberdeen maestro Charlie Cooke.

Battersea Girl AVAILABLE TO BUY £12
A powerful and sometimes moving narrative. Read it and reflect upon the countless other Ellens who will never have the good fortune to have their life stories told in such a magical way MORNING STAR
Martin Knight authentically and powerfully conveys the life of an unknown old working class woman THE LONDON PAPER MORE>>

The Real Mackay
The insightful observations of author Martin Knight has ensured that Dave Mackay’s formidable portfolio of first class achievement enjoys the very best of handling and Mr Knight has an envious skill of recreating the atmospheres of 1950s Edinburgh, 1960s London and 1970s Midlands SPURS MONTHLY

The Bonnie Prince AVAILABLE TO BUY £21
Not many of the Christmas tomes are as articulate as this JEFF POWELL, DAILY MAIL
Refreshingly candid THE SCOTSMAN MORE>>

Common People - AVAILABLE TO BUY £5
A wonderful narrative, full of life and memorable people ALAN SILLITOE
A convincing take on modern life THE SCOTSMAN
Brit Lit at its best THE CRACK

Superbly written and in welcoming the reader into the world of the Hoolifan it adds a new word to their English vocabulary FOUR FOUR TWO

Scoring At Half Time
It’s all here: the birds, the booze, the rows, presented in an entertaining tell-all, focusing on events both on the pitch and off it SUNDAY TIMES
An entertaining sequel to Blessed THE BOOKSELLER

On the Cobbles – The Life Of A Gypsy Warrior
With a blend of humour, sadness and a real hardness this deals with reality on the edge of society and is a truly brilliant read FRONT

Ossie – King Of The Bridge
An amusing and irreverent autobiography INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY
Possibly the funniest football book of the year THE OBSERVER
Book of the week from football’s genuine Jack the Lad SUNDAY TIMES
A deliciously honest account of a maverick life THE TIMES
Contains one of the finest opening sentence to any footballer’s autobiography ever WHEN SATURDAY COMES

Never before has a drug dealer been cast in such an agreeable light THE INDEPENDENT