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Stewart Home is the author of more books than he can remember writing. He was born in Wimbledon (London) in 1962 and last lived south of the river in Kennington in 1984. Since then he has spent a lot of time in the London boroughs of Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Islington. Home started doing music reviews as a teenager to get free records and onto gig guest lists. After trying his hand at factory work and art-class modelling, he settled down to life on the dole, and when he wasn’t watching exploitation movies, spent much of his time reading and eventually writing books.

His work to date includes the novels Pure Mania, Defiant Pose, Red London, Blow Job, Slow Death, Come Before Christ & Murder Love, Cunt, Whips & Furs, 69 Things To Do With A Dead Princess, Down & Out In Shoreditch & Hoxton, Tainted Love, Memphis Underground, Blood Rites Of The Bourgeoisie, Mandy Charlie & Mary-Jane, The 9 Lives Of Ray The Cat Jones and She’s My Witch.

Some of Home’s short stories can be found in No Pity and Amputee Sex, while his collected poems are entitled SEND CA$H. Non-fiction books include The Assault On Culture: Utopian Currents From Lettrisme To Class War, Cranked Up Really High: Genre Theory & Punk Rock, Confusion Incorporated: A Collection Of Lies, Hoaxes & Hidden Truths, and Re-Enter The Dragon: Genre Theory, Brucesploitation And The Sleazy Joys Of Lowbrow Cinema.

Stewart Home is also a visual artist with work held in institutions such as the Arts Council Collection and National Art Library.

She’s My Witch: Strange things happen on social media, such as the almost chance encounter between a London born-and-bred fitness instructor and a drug-fuelled Spanish witch. At first Maria Remedios and Martin Cooper share their love for super-dumb two-chord thud in private messages, but when they meet magic happens. Maria knows that she and Martin have been lovers before and sets out to convince the former skinhead that her occult beliefs aren’t just bollocks. As the two meet in budget pubs and coffee bars to discuss everything from tarot to cult film, ongoing austerity and riots signify the unbridgeable gap between their lives and that of London's wealthy elite. As Martin gets ever closer to Maria, she constantly surprises him by detailing different aspects of her past – such as running a bar for a criminal motorcycle gang in Valencia, her seven-year stint as a professional dominatrix and a decades-long struggle with heroin. Even wilder than Maria's  tales of teenage drug dealing and murder on Spain’s notorious Ruta Destroy party scene are her accounts of other times she's spent with Martin. Maria insists that in some of their past lives together she was the man and Martin the woman, in others they both had the same gender, but every time they reincarnate they are destined to meet so that they can realise themselves through sexual mysticism and mind-blowing orgasms. In one notable past encounter they had a gay relationship as twelfth-century members of the Knights Templar at Montesa Castle in the hills inland from Valencia. On the surface an unlikely couple, Martin and Maria have different but complimentary flaws and before long can’t live without each other and the bizarre sexual rites they indulge in together. She’s My Witch is a dark romance with an incendiary conclusion written to reflect today's online world, the tragedy of the opioid epidemic, and a resurgent interest in the occult and kink.

The 9 Lives Of Ray The Cat Jones: This book tells the story of the life of Ray 'The Cat' Jones, who nearly became middleweight boxing champion of the world but instead went on to become the greatest cat burglar of all time and made one of the most notorious prison escapes in British history. Ray is a teetotal, fitness-obsessed, working-class Welshman whose boxing ambitions were thwarted when he was set up by a corrupt cop and sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit, putting him on a path of revenge and a crusade against the inequalities and injustices of British society. Ray is a modern Robin Hood waging an ideological class war against the rich. From the jewels of movie stars Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren, to the private papers of the Duke of Windsor, paintings by Rubens and Rembrandt, and the furs of the London aristocracy, Ray's carefully targeted burglaries are perfectly planned and thrillingly executed.

Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane: Charlie Templeton, his wife Mandy, and student mistress Mary-Jane Millford survived the London terrorist bombings of 7/7, and are about to re-make history. To save Western civilisation, Charlie, a schizoid cultural studies lecturer with a penchant for horror films and necrophilia, must fight the zombies of university bureaucracy and summon the will to become the last in a long line of mad prophets announcing the end of art.

Blood Rites Of The Bourgeoisie: Why does the art world hypocritically promote female creative talent but simultaneously fail to accord wimmin artists the respect given to their male counterparts? When wimmin aged twenty to forty make up the bulk of the audience for art in London, why are they so underrepresented in top curational posts and how exactly does this glass ceiling operate? Just what has happened to the feminist movement now that the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga are being held up as role models for prepubescent and teenage girls? Can the background to these and related questions be illuminated by taking penis enlargement spam and replacing the generic ‘she’ and ‘her’ it invokes with the names of well-known artists and curators? Stewart Home believes the answer to this last question is ‘YES’, and so he used endless extreme fantasies about famous art world wimmin as the starting point of his outrageous cyber-novel! Written in the second person and in part generated from spam emails, Blood Rites Of The Bourgeoisie is a shot in the arm for prose fiction; and a kick up the backside for the male dominated London art world. More shocking than 5000 volts of unadulterated electricity! Or, as Malcolm McLaren put it after reading the manuscript on his death bed: ‘FEMINISM WITH BALLS.’

Tainted Love: Partially based on diaries kept by the author's mother, this kaleidoscopic view of Sixties counterculture shows how the optimism of Swinging London imploded into nihilism and drug addiction. Arriving in the Smoke at the age of sixteen in 1960, narrator Jilly O'Sullivan lands gainful employment as a high-class hostess. Fresh out of school, Jilly joins the exclusive scene that was swinging before the rest of London. By the time of the hippie explosion she’s not only mixing with slumlords, gangsters and Black Power activists, but narcophilic ‘faces’ like Alexander Trocchi, Brian Jones, Michael Reeves and John Lennon. When Jilly drops acid it’s so that she might become a cosmonaut of inner space and, by 1965, heroin is her chosen method of coming down from LSD fuelled highs. Propelled through a world of Hindu gurus, Islamic mystics, bent coppers and decadent aristocrats, Jilly lives fast and knows everyone. From her grass-smoking and CND-supporting beatnik youth, through to her death at the end of the Seventies, Jilly’s story allegorises the fatal trajectory of London's flower children, who were reluctant to let go of hedonism even when the party was well and truly over.

69 Things To Do With A Dead Princess: This is where the novel has a nervous breakdown. Anna Noon is a twenty-year-old student with a taste for perverse sex involving an enigmatic older man and a ventriloquist’s dummy. Anna lives in Aberdeen, and her sex life revolves around the ancient stone circles in this region. The sublime grandeur of the stones provides a backdrop against which Anna is able to act out her provocative psychodramas. This is a book about the body in which the carnal is a manifestation of consciousness: a book in which it is impossible to distinguish the ancient from the post-modern. Drawing on literary modernism and recent Continental philosophy, as well as pulp appropriations, 69 Things To Do With A Dead Princess illustrates that schizophrenia may well be the only sane response to capitalism.

Whips & Furs: A detourned ‘historical’ novel which rewrites The Bible with the structure based on the faked fifth volume of My Life And Loves by Frank Harris. The content is lifted and adapted to the required historical setting from two out-of-copyright sources: An African Millionaire by Grant Allen and The Lustful Turk by Anonymous. Just as Alex Trocchi – who faked the final volume of My Life And Loves – satirised Frank Harris in his text, so Home uses this work to burlesque both Jesus Christ and Anonymous (whose squib The Lustful Turk really stinks).

Cunt: The narrator of Cunt is David Kelso. He’s a cunt in search of cunt. He’s also a writer who claims to be so lacking in imagination that his fiction isn’t fiction. Kelso is completing a trilogy in which he describes tracking down and shagging the first thousand women he bedded. Despite boasting that he is completely uncreative, Kelso dreams up some seriously Machiavellian scenarios in order to get into the knickers of various women he hasn't seen for years. Kelso is also disarmingly candid about the fact that he sometimes fakes his results. Such dissimulation raises serious doubts about Kelso's reliability as a narrator.

Slow Death: In between shagging his doctor and liberating his girlfriend from the Socialist Workers Party, skinhead Johnny Aggro takes on the art establishment. As the poseurs of the art world rush to produce ever more creative piles of crap in the name of art, Johnny revels in the chaos of comic violence and sleazy sex.

Defiant Pose: A story straight from today’s headlines (if this was 1989 when the book was written). Its hero, or anti-hero, Terry Blake, is a contemporary Faust whose thirst for knowledge leads to brutality, sexual excess and ultimately self-destruction. Nevertheless nothing can stop the chain of events which Terry’s journey through the political fringes of society has set in motion. As Terry lies stricken, insurgents take to the streets and London explodes in an orgy of violence.

Pure Mania: Vegan vigilantes terrorise meat-eating scum, while giving the music scene a much needed kick up the arse with their 1977 style two-chord thud. This is where Richard Allen meets Alain Robbe